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Barcelona, 29th October 2015. To avoid confusion, in the light of questions we have been asked about this matter, we would like to make it clear to the general public that this institution is not related in any way with the Cort Arbitral de Catalunya.


With the aim of making a contribution towards improving the economy, the TAB (Barce- lona Arbitration Court) and the PIMEC (the Management body for Small and Medium-sized Companies) have joined forces by signing a collaboration agreement to encourage ‘pymes’ (small and medium-sized compa- nies) to solve conflicts without recourse to the judicial system.

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The TAB is in the process of updating its roster of arbitrators; a number of new leading professionals have been incorporated and the number of required areas of specialisation has been reduced from 6 to 3, with the aim of obtaining an even higher level of expertise in the different areas of conflict to be dealt with.

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This initiative, put forward by Barcelona Town Hall, invites society – civic bodies, associa- tions, social and economic organizations – to work together to construct a city which promotes a healthy work/life balance which allows sufficient time to be devoted to the family and leisure interests. The TAB is pleased to participate in this initiative to reinforce its support for the rationalization of timetables which could achieve this balance.

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