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The Tribunal Arbitral de Barcelona / Barcelona Arbitration Court (TAB) code of good practice aims to establish standards of conduct applicable to all relationships that, within the TAB mission, must be followed by Members of the Board, persons who work for and with the institution to provide services to TAB users, directly or indirectly, in order to achieve excellence in such relationships with them and the quality of services provided by the TAB. “Users” means the parties to arbitration proceedings administered by the TAB, whether natural or legal persons, the lawyers who represent them, arbitrators and any natural or legal persons involved in any way in any proceedings or activity of the TAB. “Users” also means any natural or legal persons and their representatives and lawyers who, although not parties to a pending arbitration proceeding, are interested parties or potential users of TAB services.

Guiding Principles:

The guiding principles of the Barcelona Arbitration Court's administrative code of practice are neutrality, transparency, efficiency and confidentiality, and also include respect, courtesy, diligence and the principle of equal treatment governing all relationships, actions and communications of the TAB.

The implementation of this code shall not give rise to administrative or budgetary burdens disproportionate to the aim pursued.

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