Abbreviated procedure

On 28th January 2014, The Governing Board of the Associació Catalana per a l’Arbitratge [Catalan Arbitration Association] unanimously approved the new Rules of Abbreviated Procedure, known in the terminology of the international arbitration sector as the fast track procedure.



  • Shorter duration: 60 days, extendable for cause shown by 30 more days.
  • Combination of efficiency, speed and flexibility by eliminating unnecessary stages that can slow down dispute resolution.
  • Parallel processing of arbitrator designation with parties' submissions.
  • Initially compulsory for disputes involving claims of less than €30.000.
  • Lower costs. Discount of 30% on general cost.
  • Cooperation and active participation of parties required.

Repealed: paragraphs a) and c) of Art. 14 of the Reglamento [Regulations] of 26th July 2004, which remain in force.



  • Within 3 months of date of publication on the web page of the TRIBUNAL ARBITRAL DE BARCELONA [Barcelona Arbitration Court].
  • Date of publication: 26th february 2014