Amount in €:
No. of referees:  1        3


Registration rights, fees and administration rights:
Registration and opening: without VAT with VAT
Fees and administration rights: without VAT with VAT
Provision of funds for expenses: without VAT with VAT


A) Instant:
Registration: without VAT with VAT
Fees and administration rights: without VAT with VAT
Provision of funds for expenses: without VAT with VAT
B) Urged:
Fees and administration rights: without VAT with VAT
Provision of funds for expenses: without VAT with VAT


Payment corresponding to the arbitration application must be made by transfer to the current bank account of the TAB at
Arquia Banca, Caixa Advocats (c/ Roger de Llúria 104, Barcelona) ES53 3183 0803 1320 0035 7125


  • Certifications and testimonies: 50,00€ (plus VAT), plus the cost of the necessary
  • Breakdown of documents: only the cost of the testimonies (photocopies) to be included in
    the file will be charged.
  • Cost of non-digital copies: €0.10 (plus VAT) for each black and white photocopy and €0.40
    (plus VAT) for each colour photocopy.


  • The filing of the arbitration application gives rise to the payment of a registration fee.
  • The cost of the arbitration is calculated taking into account the economic interest of the
    parties’ claims and includes the arbitrator’s fees and the administration fees of the
    Barcelona Arbitration Court.
  • Any change in the amount of the claims and counterclaims shall give rise to a change in the

    cost, according to a calculation provided by the Secretariat.

  • The cost of the arbitration shall be distributed equally between the claimant and respondent parties. However, any party may satisfy the payment not made by the party
    whom it is owed, recognising, where appropriate, the right to its reimbursement in the
    award. All this is without prejudice to the decision on costs made by the arbitrator.
  • Provision of funds for expenses. In addition, a provision of funds shall be deposited to cover the expenses and advances arising from the processing of the proceedings. This provision
    includes communications, notifications, digital media and other processing expenses, and does not include the expenses that may be incurred by the parties and arbitrators arising from expert evidence, reprography and others.
  • In cases of undetermined amount, the cost of arbitration shall be €16,000.00 (plus VAT), without prejudice to the subsequent determination of the amount of the proceedings.
  • In the event that an arbitration panel is appointed, the arbitration fee shall be doubled, without this initially entailing an increase in the provision of funds for expenses.
  • The counterclaim, whether explicit or implicit, shall give rise to a new application of costs subject to the same rules as the main claim. In order for the counterclaim to be admissible, its costs must have been paid.
  • The TAB may continue the administration of the arbitration, even if the requested provisions of funds are not completed, in those cases in which any of the parties offers sufficient guarantees, in the opinion of the TAB, to cover the unpaid sums.
  • Interim measures: interim relief proceedings shall be subject to a new registration fee.
  • Emergency arbitrator: the applicant for the measure must pay an amount of €9,000 (plus VAT) to cover the fees and expenses of administration and the fees and expenses of the
    emergency arbitrator.
  • The cost of the arbitration routing service offered to parties who (a) do not have a clause of submission to TAB arbitration, (b) wish to novate the agreed arbitration clause, or (c) wish to obtain accreditation of the attempt to settle the dispute out of court, is €150.00 (plus VAT).